Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shore House Cafe

Here we go again...
more foooooddd...

some yelps here.

This place was a traditional 24-hour diner with all your American favorites. Inexpensive, good portions and lots of options. (even vegetarian). Joe and Debbie's favorite local eatery.

We ate here on Saturday night after the convention. It was a nice late night feels really guilty, but still so good, meal.

I just wanted to add this super (insert boy band here) picture. I totally got a Jarritos banner.

So it took us a little bit to find this place because we were told a different name of the restaurant which was actually about 5 blocks north of the actual place. Needless to say we were a little confused. All of us are in the car searching for the place on our phones/GPS and it was taking us to another place, but the location didn't match the directions we were told. So finally we get the RIGHT name of the place and find it...nicely situated across from Phuket Thai.

I didn't take the normal photos I usually took, like of the exterior, etc. It was a late night.

I tried to go easy and eat somewhat healthy. A salad with Italian dressing.

I also ordered the fried artichoke, guilty meal. I think they were canned artichoke hearts, but they were breaded and fried and covered with buttery cheese sauce. So it was all good. Served with a side of Ranch- I didn't eat that garbage. They need a better sauce to serve it with. Any suggestions?

Marcie ordered Albondigas soup. A pretty picture and good recipe here. This is basically the Mexican version of Matzah (Matzo) ball soup (A very neat site w/ good instruction). When I asked the waitress what soups they had, she mentioned the above soup and New England Clam chowder. You can't order New England clam chowder in California?!?! Why is it even on the menu? They should have like halibut chowder or taquito chowder. No?

David and his mozzarella sticks. This was pre-dairy free diet. I guess his cheese stick blog isn't going to work out for now. They were delicious and there were so many sticks!

David's cheeseburger. I told you he's a cheeseburger kind of guy.

Noel's pizza. He couldn't wait for the photo op, he had to eat.

This was Debbie's veggie burger. It looked delicious. I think I may have scared them, making them wait to eat so I can take pictures of their food and all.

Shore House Cafe
5271 E 2nd Street
(Intersection of 2nd Street and La Verne Avenue)
Long Beach, CA 90803-5327

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