Thursday, June 17, 2010

Omelette Inn

3rd serious meal on my trip to Long Beach.

The Omelette Inn was a cute little sidewalk restaurant in Long Beach. Their website does no justice to the extensive menu they have. I'm very upset that I didn't take a menu or atleast take a picture of one. UGGHHH!!!!! They had a ton of omelettes, vegetarian options, sandwiches and brown rice too.

I shared two items with a friend. We split the Veggie Chilaquiles and Eggs Florentine.

The chilaquiles were made with tortillas, soy chorizo, scrambled eggs, salsa/red sauce, peppers, cheese and crema. All of this is then fried. It was wonderful. It came with a side of home fries. This was my first chilaquiles experience and I will be seeking them again. I can't believe I don't have the menu!!

The eggs florentine were like eggs benedict but with spinach instead of ham. But you knew that! We got this with a side of has browns so that we tried both forms of potato sides. I think I actually like the hash browns more than the home fries. But I think it's because I'm picky about my home fries. They were good, but too potatoey, and I was soo full. Otherwise this dish was oretty good, very saucy. The english muffin was pretty soggy and the spinach was a little bitter, which makes me think it could have been frozen or canned spinach. But it most likely wasn't.

I loved that David kept trying to like coffee on this trip. He would try it whenever I ordered it, but would make sure that he sipped it before I tainted it with sugar and cream. He's so cute. Needless to say the guy that consistently orders hamburgers and fries didn't like coffee, any time he tried it. His words "that's HOT" "ugh, that's turrible, how can you drink that?" HAHAHA I love him.
That same hamburger guy who hates coffee, also hates eggs. Guess who ventured out of the comfort zone at the Omelette Inn? He said "F#$k it, we're at an egg place right? I'll order eggs." So he ordered an omelette with chili and cheese. Ha! It was like an egg burrito. He liked it and was full very fast. I'm so proud of him. :)

Noel ordered the Huevos Rancheros. I'm happy he didn't want his avocado bc I got to eat it. :) It looked pretty good. I think he liked it.

Downstairs to the bathroom.

There was a curtain for one of the bathroom stall doors.

I highly recommend this cute place to anyone looking for a good meal in Long Beach.

Omelette Inn
318 Pine Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802

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