Sunday, June 20, 2010

a few road snacks

Things we acquired in Little Tokyo...

Taro Boba Tea

Mini cookie hamburgers. Made with chocolate (burger patty), cream filling (cheese), and real sesame seeds on the cookie buns.

After yoga at Yoga World in Long Beach...

English Breakfast Tea

Echo Park.
We were trying to decide between Mexican and Thai for our last meal in LA. We figured we'd get some good authentic Mexican food in Echo Park considering all the mom and pop places there were (not to mention the high population of Mexicans). No offense here meant, it's just how it was.
So Corey tells us, "I think there's a few Mexican places up here and a Thai place down the road." David asks us "Mexican or Thai, Mexican or Thai?" We reply "Whatever, doesn't matter." Marcela "I could kinda go for both actually."
As we gas up at the gas station, we eye this place, Burrito King. I think our eyes lit up. So we're like screw it let's just go to that place right there. We pull in and the parking lot is on front of a convenient store and David says "wait, this is like a window, not a sit down restaurant, I want to sit down and eat!" The rest of us are like ok ok, forget it we'll get Thai. So we yell out the window to Corey, "Thai food!" But before David can back out of the parking spot, Marcela jumps out of the car and says, "I'm getting a taco!" Then Noel, "I'm getting one too" So then I'm like, "well I want one too" then David yells, "get me a taco too!!"

I think we all secretly wanted Mexican AND Thai that day.

"Save it for the plane trip home" - David
Jerky from The Jerky Hut at Ink 'N Iron. He didn't have vegetarian jerky.

I was very excited about this...
I had read an article about donuts in the plane on the way to LA (specifically Randy's) and I remembered on our last trip to LA we didn't get donuts and I really wanted them. So this time the whole trip I kept saying, "oh let's stop there, oh donuts! I want donuts! Cant we get donuts? There's a donut place!" we didn't get donuts!! So on the way to return the rental car to Enterprise we get off the highway and it's like 10pm and in a warehouse district. I see the giant donut glowing in the sky. Needless to say I was happy. "Donuts, I want donuts!"

They are open 24 hours!!

I ordered a buttermilk donut and the lady said they only had plain. I said yea sure that's fine. Then I ask "How much are the mugs?" "4.95" the lady replies. I said "OK, I'll get a mug too" She asks "would you like a drink in it?" I'm like "oh, yea that's a great idea, hot chocolate" Duh, Brilliant. When I take the donut out as we are driving away, I realize this donut is nothing like I expected. Now I know what she meant about only having plain buttermilk donuts. It was like a brick of coffee cake. It was still good and I will definitely hit this place up again when we return.
Their website isn't working right now.

David drank most of the hot chocolate. Vegan day had ended much earlier.

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