Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lester's Diner

Edits in Orange are by Michelle (Micky Two Tone)

Los Bastardos Magnificos- the GOOD country Western band that played first. Check them out now!

It started off innocently enough. I went to see Los Bastardos Magnificos at your standard sports-bar-with-Irish-pub-name (O'Malleys), great music, weird lighting.

The 3 man country and western band was awesome, and performed covers and originals complete with mandolin and fiddle. The band after them sounded great, and by great i mean great to kill yourself to if you wanted to kill yourself in the nineties, ugh you guys were 2 in the nineties, you people reading ok ignore that part. The band was good, but they looked like they had just met up in the parking lot, or from some ad on craigslist...they just lacked a certain 'cohesive element'.
You forgot to mention the food we ate AT O'Malley's. It counts you know! So Lee ordered french fries and a Mahi Mahi quesadilla.
The French fries were pretty good actually. They had that crispy outer layer. Not too many places have that. The were similar to a seasoned fry in the texture, like fries from Rally's or Miami Subs (are there any open still?). It's the only example I can think of. But they weren't seasoned. They definitely had that deep fryer quality to them.
The quesadilla wasn't bad either. The dolphin (mahi-mahi sounds ridiculous) was easily mistaken for chicken, aside from the slight hint of fishy flavor. In fact a friend ate the last piece and said "that was mahi-mahi? I thought it was chicken." So I guess that's good.

After waiting ten minutes and begging the bartender to let me pay, we left.What was to follow was a terrifying encounter with Lester's Diner...just kidding, it wasn't terrifying, but i think maybe we were! ok maybe i just was.... (yea just you were)

Lee, founder of Imaginari-yum, hiding behind the Lester's menu. She instructed me that I was not allowed to post the photo of the two of us. UGH!

we began by admiring the delicious looking carousel of cakes, spinning their infinite sweetness into a cold oblivion, um, i mean a refrigerated dessert case.

The lady behind the counter led our eyes to the bottom shelf...'peanut butter cheesecake..' she said menacingly, i mean invitingly. at the risk of vertigo, we spotted the mysterious whirling peanuty cheesey thing in question. 'hmmm, ok, ill keep that in mind', i thought. Moving on to the table, where we decided to read a 'new times'. ok, that is not a good thing to read while you are eating, unless you are on a diet, or into 'that sort of thing' . Not saying anything else, about that, you know who you are, um. ok.
Then, the free (limit 2) refills!! We weren't allowed to drink more than 2 drinks, wtf? But it is a diner, so i understand wanting to hoard their syrup and water miracle drink. ok, ok, im being harsh, im just glad they were open, had real food, and a real live human to plop the plates down on the 2 am...
Here are some pictures of the cheescake, and some other stuff...

George is serious about that PB cheesecake!

Strawberry shortcake- eh, not too great. It seemed like it was about 4 days old, bruised strawberries and all. The cake was also very dry and crumbly. I prefer a denser, moister cake. This wasn't one of their better desserts, even fresh I'm sure.


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  2. posts in yellow are lee's, thanks michelle for the pics and comments!

  3. hey, is a deep fryer a really philosophical priest?

  4. a deep friar. lol. I love how we comment on our own blog.