Monday, July 19, 2010

Pure Luck

I think they need a new sign

I really need to get the LA blogs done with, I'm slow and I didn't want to overload readers with a lot of reviews in a short span of time. But I think it's been a month and I'm STILL not done. Then again we did eat at a lot of places.

This place is called Pure Luck and it was on our Vegan day agenda- the last day of our trip. Marcela and I had decided beforehand that there would be one day solely dedicated to all that is vegan. We had looked up some places before leaving Miami and we were determined to experience them. On the list of vegan things to do was yoga, Pure Luck restaurant, Kind Kreme raw vegan ice cream, and Bodhi Tree bookstore.

I will try to touch base on all these places in this post. I believe I will have one more full LA review after this. Then I can finally move on to what I've eaten around here since I've been back.

First we started the day off in search of Pure Luck. This restaurant was interesting and cute. It's a small place nestled on a block smack in the middle of a warehouse/industrial district of East Hollywood. It's pretty close to Echo Park and anyways the block was super hipstered out. We traveled with a friend who lives in LA and he let us know that that area is very desert scarf and bicycle friendly.

The block across the street

The parking lot

So the restaurant was pretty cool, their hot ticket menu item is "carnitas" which is made out of jackfruit. The jackfruit was a really good meat replacement, and it even shredded apart like pulled pork or ropa vieja would. It had a sourness to it but really it was good. I enjoyed my meal. David, not so much, but he went, he ate as much as he could take and he didn't complain. :)

The tables were had designs drawn on them
Strange portraits on the wall of people eating stuff.

A certificate of adoption for a chicken.

We started with fried gnocchi.
They were called potato pals- "Small potato dumplings (gnocchi), lightly fried in peanut oil." They were pals of mine for sure. So simple and so satisfying. They were served with like a BBQ mayo sauce that I didn't care much for.

I ordered the taco combo plate with 1 grilled tofu taco and 1 "carnitas" taco with pinto beans and rice. The tofu taco was mediocre, but the Jackfruit taco was pretty good. It tasted very fresh and the even the texture was good.

David ordered the burrito. He asked if he could just order a plain bean burrito, but the waitress said no, so he went with the "carnitas" burrito. Then he forgot to ask for no cilantro (he hates it) and it was loaded with it. He also kept complaining that there was something sweet in it, and we couldn't figure it out. I thought it could have been the wholewheat wrap. we're still unsure. Wel he ate about half of it before he could take no more. He didn't like it but he ate as much as he could.

Marcela ordered two tacos and a soup. The soup was made with hominy and a lot of lime and cilantro. I couldn't tell you what else was in it but it was good.

Noel ordered the Garbanzo sandwich. "AngĂ©lica’s Garbanzo Salad Sandwich
Need a comfort food fix? You won’t be disappointed by our Garbanzo salad. Served on a grilled rustic roll with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles." As much hating as Noel did about this place when we got there, he ate his whole sandwich and kept saying how good it was. Hah!

A closeup of the soup.

A closeup of the "carnitas" taco.

So, what was I saying about hipsters before?

Pure Luck Restaurant
707 N Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 660-5993

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