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The Final blog of Long Beach/LA!!

Rambutan Thai
The official website. The music rules.
Yelpety yelp.

This was the last place we ate at before heading to the airport. We had the pleasure of spending our last meal in LA with our good friend Corey. So here it is, the last post of LA and then I can move on with my life!

A Rambutan is a small fruit that grows in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and South Asia. It is in the same family as lychee- Sapindaceae. It looks similar to lychee as well except that the their skin is much more hairy.

So lets get down to the food!

First I saw it fitting to get a Thai Iced Tea. Seeing that when David and I first went to LA a couple years ago, we met up Corey again and he took us to eat Thai at this really cute little place near his old job. The place was really small and quaint, enough seating for only like 35 people. When we walked in there was a lady preparing green beans at one of the tables. She was sniping the ends and putting them in a bowl. David loved it. Well that was my first Thai food experience and Corey got a Thai iced tea, which I had never had before and he let me taste it. I was HOOKED! I ordered my own and every time since then that I have gone to a Thai restaurant, I have ordered Thai Iced Tea.

The candle holders were filled with different colored rice.

One cool thing is that they use plastic reusable chop sticks.
Corey like the chopsticks too, he was drumming with them.

Next I ordered Tofu Tom Kha soup (one of my favorites)
 "A distinct flavor of Southern Thailand’s coconut soup with oyster
mushrooms seasoned with galanga, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass,
bird’s eye chili and lime juice." It was delicious and spicy.

 Look at those chilis!
mmmmm, oyster mushrooms.

Next I ordered Tua Kak. You can read the description.  The green beans were good, with a nice crisp and they had a sweetness to them from the sauce. You got an after kick of shrimpiness from the dried prawns.

Green beans and carrots, so simple, so delicious :)

David chilling in his booth.
David ordered his special fried rice with only chicken this time and a little spicy. Actually I ordered it for him.

Noel ordered Pad Thai

I don't remember what Marcela ordered but it looked good.

Corey ordered Panang Curr. He informed me after reading the post. :) Thanks Corey! I think I also remember David telling him he couldn't eat until I took the photo. Corey was like "hurry up take the pic!" HAHA, Corey is awesome.

I'm getting really frustrated with the new blogger settings. Every time I put in a picture and then try to press enter after it doesn't let me. UUGGHHH!!!! It's driving me crazy and I'm getting numerous typos because I'm getting so impatient!

My colorful meal again. :)

OMG I'm done, I need to get off of here I'm about to break my computer!

2835 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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