Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Truck Finally!

Sorry for my lack of posts, I've been lazy.

I finally got a chance to try a food truck yesterday, wait let me rephrase that I got to try THREE!
Excuse my excitement, I have seen several different trucks parked in various places throughout Miami and never had a chance to stop. So last night I decided to make it a date with food truck heaven, at the Miami Street Food Court on Bird Rd and 65th. It's a little bit of a haul for us but it just had to be done.

I'm going to apologize ahead of time for a few things.
1. I am posting from my phone because once again my laptop has a virus. So the photos will not be in the order I would like.
2. There will be typos.
3. I would like to link Burger Beast and the Street Food Court Facebook but I don't think its going to happen from my phone. I will try my best.

Here it goes, my first Miami food truck indulgence.
Check it out. Http:// awe yeeuh

David and I head south towards my landmark of Santa's Enchanted Forest, we get off the palmetto and start heading west. Wait we have to go the other way, we make a "we-turn" and head east. We reminisce the days of "Oh the Horror." Funny thing, that used to be the Burger Beast's store. Although I do miss the place, I must say I'm much more fond of his current burger beasting adventures. Yea I like to eat. Ok back to Bird Rd. I tell David I'm not sure what side of the street it's on, and before I could finish my sentence, like an angel in the distance, like a glistening light in the dark, like sunshine on a cloudy day, ahhhhhhh. There it was. Food truck heaven.

The nights lineup: Caza Crepes, Cheese Me, and Nacho Bizness. I love it. I truly was excited like a kid in a candy store or like a pig in shit. Whichever of the two you think would be happier.
We meet up with Burger Beast and chat for a few minutes. He introduces us to the matriarch of Food Cart USA. He also gives us a few insider tips and recommendations for the trucks that stood before my palette. After what seemed like a short lifetime, we head for the first victim, I mean truck. Nacho Bizness.

I ordered a carne asada taco and David got the Burger Beast recommended burger. It's not on the menu. I was surprised David was in an adventurous mood. He got the pineapple coleslaw on the burger! That baby was a thick beef patty, cheese, pineapple coleslaw and then smothered in BBQ sauce. All on a kaiser roll type bun. They were both delicious. He didn't approve of my taco, I guess he wasn't THAT adventurous, plus he hates cilantro. The taco was carne asada, corn, onions, a lot of cilantro, lime, and some cream sauce, all wrapped in two white corn tortillas. It was simple, to the point and good. It hit the little Mexican spot in my stomach.


On to Cheese Me. David has eaten from them before so he told me I HAD to get a kobe slider. And so I did! I ordered a kobe slider with grilled onions and aged Gruyere. (if You leave here knowing anything about me, it's that I freaking LOVE Gruyere and any other cheese for that matter). Needless to say the slider was wonderful. A little taste of heaven, and it looked like the baby fix-its from *Batteries Not Included. It couldn't get any better!
We also ordered the pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast with cheddar cheese. David couldn't remember what burger beast had recommended. We later found out it was the short rib we were supposed to order. Ohwell. It was still pretty damn good. A little greasy but good.

Lastly, Caza Crepes.
Yes they make crepes. After the two other trucks, we were getting full. We had hopes in ordering a burger beast recommendation of a ground beef galette with an egg. But by he IME we made it to that truck, we were full. We decided to go with a sweet crepe. We went with a pineapple and chocolate crepe with chocolate and caramel on top. It was a good Crepe, but I've never had pineapple in a crepe before so it was new territory for me. David thought it was strange but he still liked it. Needless to say, we didn't finish it and I ate the rest for breakfast this morning. All three trucks were delicious. I would eat at all of them again and hope to.
Now for the food porn.
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  1. OMG that is awesome. I used to get Food truck when I worked at Miami Shores CC, they had it parked over by the old tennis courts and that shiiiiiiit was good!