Thursday, December 30, 2010

BTTR week Three and four

Early Tues last week I texted my other half asking if we could possibly go to the BTTR later to get a little something to eat. Like maybe one thing (I didn't feel like cooking). Of course he agreed "yea we can pick up something and bring it home."

Well I ended up picking it all up alone because he wasn't feeling well. The place was packed this time. I scoured each truck to see what collection wanted to make. I ended up with smorgasbord of food to bring home. While I was picking up food, I munched on a Taco Playero from Montaco. It was good, a perfect little starter snack. I love salsa verde too.My friend got the taco with the green tortilla. He also got the chicken sandwich from The Rolling Stove. He said it was delicious. Slow Food Truck had the cupcakes.
We ended up getting:
CheeseMe: bowl of chili
Nacho Mama's: Chicken nachos
Slow Food Truck: short rib sandwich
The Rolling Stove: Cap't Crunch crusted chicken tenders
Caza Crepes: sugar crepe.

This past Tues David and I went together and ate...
Nacho Mama's: Taco Fries
MexZican Gourmet: Legacy Taco w/ brisket, chorizo and chicharron. Oh man it was interesting, crunchy chicharrones and delicious.
CheeseMe: short rib again.. always delicious.
Our friend picked up a kibbeh wrap from a new truck that served Mediterranean food as well as some Miami style flair Cuban food.
There isn't a picture of the short rib.

Sorry this is a very uninformative post. I'm doing a million things right now and it took me all day to upload this because blogger droid ap wouldn't load from my phone all day.

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