Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BTTR week 2

Ok I'm going to attempt to do this as I eat. It's going to be hard. My hands are frozen! I'm starting off at Burger Beasts' recommended The Rolling Stove. Just ordered the Stove Burger with grilled onions. The lady who helped me is super nice.
OMG can't do good.

Ok I knew that wouldn't work. Let me recap last night. It was a quick night.

The line up was:
All Points Eatery
Caza Crepes Mobile Team
Dolci Peccati Gelato
Grill Master Cafe
Miso Hungry
Ms Cheezious
Nacho Mama's Mexican Grill
The Rolling Stove
Wing Commander
Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burger

Last night's BTTR was busy. There were 12 trucks! There was a pretty good turn out, and I think many people were getting foods from various trucks. This time it was seriously COLD too! I wanted to get some of that ginger tea from Miso Hungry, but instead I got some lemonade. It was good, sorta like lemon water, but with a hint of sweetness. I was loving it. Not your typical over sweet powder lemonade.
Since we were in a rush we had enough time to meet up with Burger Beast, get his insider recommendations and then order food and get out of there. Sef was nice enough to let us taste the Capt'n Crunch crusted chicken strips from The Rolling Stove. OMG, they were soo good. But we ordered the burger, as per Burger Beast. That's what I was eating when I first started this. IT was really good, juicy, covered in grilled onions and delicious. I scarfed it down quick, because I had a taco dog waiting for me from Montaco. I don't remember what the actual menu term was called for the hot dog, but it was a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, covered in chopped tomatoes and some crema. It was pretty delicious.

Next we went straight back to CheeseMe for the short rib sandwich, but this time with bacon. Sef, thanks a ton for the recommendation of bacon, it was super crispy and full of flavor. But next time I'm going back to no bacon on the short rib. I like to taste the short rib alone. For my preference the bacon took over the flavor of the sandwich.But it was still really good.

Til next time...

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