Sunday, December 12, 2010

1st Biscayne Triangle

When Burger Beast let us know that Tues. Night some food trucks were setting up in our neck of the woods, you have to imagine my excitement. We went out, in the bitter cold (haha, how often can I say this in Miami?). The trucks were set up on the perimeter road east of Biscayne Blvd, that runs from Quayside until it connects again with Biscayne Blvd. The sign said E. Dixie Hwy? but its actually NE 15th ave. If you are familiar with North Miami, it's right off Biscayne and 109th, sorta behind the now closed La Paloma restaurant and east of where KB Christmas trees has been setting up their tent for the past, who knows how many years. 7 trucks came out.
Nacho Mama's Mexican Grill
Nacho Bizness
Jefe's Original fish taco and burger
Miso Hungry
Latin House Grill
Dolci Peccati Gelato

I am going to try and rush through this because it has taken me a week to write it.

We started off at CheeseMe. David and I remembered the short rib this time and OMG it was so good. It was the best thing that night. It was juicy, tender and full of deliciousness.

Next we got Nacho Mama's pork nachos. Those were delicious too. Simple, tasty and satisfying. Nacho Mama's ran out of chicken and a couple other things that night but they still did not disappoint. David also got a pork taco which was really good and pretty big. And what could be better, the guys were super nice and gave out drinks on the house AND they had FREE mini cupcakes. At the end of the night they gave FREE soup: shroom soup. I had it for dinner 2 days later and it was delicious, if you like cream of wild mushroom soup. I will definitely eat there again.

Jefe's was good too. Mind you these are first experiences for me. Your opinions on these trucks are prob very different. I wasn't totally impressed with them but I will still try again. David ordered a fish taco out of principle even though he hates fish. So I ate it. It was ok, but I felt like it needed a little more flavor. It had coleslaw, but it needed something. Not sure what. Maybe next time I will actually try the hot sauce :/. He also ordered a burger, and I can't remember which one, but it was good. He liked it.

Miso Hungry was closed by the time we wanted to order from them, but my friend did get a ginger tea from them that was pretty good. I will have to wait until next time to try them.

Next we went to Latin House Grill. Omg, they have these adorable little mini burgers they call muffin tops. They are a little bigger than a slider, and super thick beef patty. Wow! We did a combo and got 2 muffin tops with fries and a drink. I ordered the Cubano which was a seasoned super duper thick beef patty, melted queso blanco and guava paste. Omg it was delicious. The flavor combination went very well together. I was pretty skeptical at first. David got the American? With cheddar and Bacon. I didn't try it but I know he liked it.

After stuffing our faces with all that food, we felt like we had to go get gelato. That truck wasn't too busy that night considering it was like 50 degrees out. We went by and thy were closed but I asked if we could still order so they said sure. I figured they would let us order. We got mango gelato. I only ate a little because I was so cold, but it was good. I forgot to take a picture of it :/
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