Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stuffed French Toast Goodness

ok well I finally decided to make stuffed French toast. I've been wanting to make it for a while and today was the day. My inspiration? holla! (as in challah) So here's what I did with half-ass measurements.
1/2 loaf challah bread, cut into slices.
2 eggs
about 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
you can also add a little whipping cream to thicken the egg. I didn't have any.
Some cinnamon ( I used ceylon from Costa Rica)
some nutmeg

for cream cheese filling:
1/2 a block cream cheese. (I Think they come in 8oz packages, so about 4ozs)
some Orange zest
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
if you want to make the cream cheese sweeter, you can add some powdered sugar.
Chopped pecans or walnuts optional. (I Didn't use nuts)

Fruity Sauce:
1/2 a 12oz or so jar of seedless raspberry or apricot jam/preserves
juice from 2 oranges.

Powdered sugar for dusting

Whisk the egg, vanilla, (cream), nutmeg and cinnamon together in a large shallow bowl.

Mix the cream cheese, (powdered sugar), Orange zest and vanilla together until well blended. (Stir In nuts).

Spread some cream cheese mixture onto a slice of challah, then cover it with another slice to make a sandwich. Dip the sandwich in the egg mixture and coat both sides evenly. Cook each side on a greased pan/griddle. Cook until just a little brown or however crisp you like. Make the remaining sandwiches and repeat until the cream cheese mixture is gone.

While you make the sauce, you can put the sandwiches on an oven safe dish and keep in a warm oven until sauce is ready. I put my oven to the lowest temp setting of 170.

In a small saucepan, on LOW heat, cook the orange juice and jam until a thick sauce forms. I capitalize LOW so that you don't make the same mistake I made and overflow purple sticky sauce all over the stove. My setting was originally set just above the lowest setting on my stove. Be careful and watch it like a hawk. Stirring with a whisk constantly. It doesn't have to be that thick, just do it to your liking.
Once the sauce is made, take the sandwiches out of the oven and serve warm with warm raspberry sauce on top. Make it as saucy as you want. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and you can even add a dollop of whipped cream, mmmmm.


now the food porn, except that all the pictures are going to be at the top :/
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