Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Every Thursday is a zilla day- bridal/wedding planning day. I venture through the tri-county are in search of wedding stuff. I haven't been consistent with the food postings. Last week I did post Carmela's and that was after picking up my engagement ring. We usually have breakfast and maybe lunch. Sometimes we get snacks too. Today we started the day off late but we got lunch after picking out David's suit and the wedding party suitable. We went to one store and found exactly what we were looking for. Well atleast what I was looking for.
We ate at an old place in North Miami called Here Comes the Sun. It's an old health food store and natural/vegetarian restaurant. They are well known for their Colombo frozen yogurt. I love that there are baskets of saltine crackers in every table, so you can munching while to peruse the menu.

I used to frequent the place as a child with my mom (she was a hippie back in the day, and used to work at a health food store). So I grew up eating tofu, sesame honey snacks and tiger's milk. We always used to stop in and get some frozen yogurt. I was excited to pay a visit to this nostalgic place. I ordered a sun burger:

I was relieved to know that it is a homemade veggie patty and its cooked rather than sun-baked. Phew. It was prey delicious and much thicker than I had imagined. It was served on a pita cut in half with salad in the middle. It comes plain but you can always put some sprouts and veggies from the salad in it, that's what I did. Next time I will order if with cheese (for the vegans, soy cheese is on the menu. I also poured some here comes the sun sauce, located on every table in a mustard bottle. It's a musk paste based sauce that was pretty tasty yet very simple. I couldn't finish the burger but I'm actually eating the other half in the car right now. For dessert I had to get some frozen yogurt. One thing about this place is that I have this childhood memory of the frozen yogurt being very tart, the way it SHOULD be. The last time I ordered frozen yogurt from there was when I was in high school. That was prob about 10 years post childhood visits. When I got the yogurt, my memory was tarnished because the yogurt wasnt the same. It wasn't tart the way I remember it. I decided to try the yogurt again and see if I could relive my childhood once again. Failure! It still isn't the same. It was just regular sweet vanilla frozen yogurt. Ugh, what a let down. Another let down in the size and price. You can see in the picture that its like a sample size of yogurt. That's on the menu as a 2oz I believe. I actually paid $2.50 for that thing! Davids mom is telling me that it was free but I'm pretty sure it wasn't.
Ok let me add some photos.
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