Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carmela's Italian Market

Wonderful! The place is small, very cozy, like you're sitting on your patio. The walls are adorned with photos of Italian dishes and memories of Italy. Above the cold cases were photos of Carmela herself, making fresh mozzarella.
We walk in and there's a little old lady sitting at a table with her walker. She looks like she comes her on a regular basis. Her nurse, whose name I later learned was Vera, sat at a table beside her. The old lady eventually scoots her way with her walker, up to the display case to order a pasta dish to go. She asks us how we like it, "isn't it great? I'd eat all this stuff if I could" as she points to her teeth. Dentures.

Carmela, the matron of the house, with her full on Italian accent, comes from behind the display cases to greet us. She gives us options for sandwiches and asks what we like. She goes down the list of things she can make for us. Very friendly and accommodating. She says "I can makea vegetarian, or the chicken parmagiana, whatever you want."

I enjoyed hearing her tell us about how she went to Subway to finally try a sub and see why everyone eats there. When she opened the sub, she said: "I trow ita away, I could nota eat it. Itsa so gross. Da bread was no good. I tella people, if you wanna a $5 sub, you go to subway" Amazing, EVERYTHING is homemade. Lasagna with homemade bechamel, fresh grilled eggplant with garlic and mint. Homemade FRESH mozzarella. OMG I can go on and on.
The place is located in a shopping plaza called Emporium Shoppes on Okeechobee just east of Haverhill Rd. Maybe a couple miles east of the turnpike. If you're on a road trip and need a bite of good fresh Italian food, stop off at Okeechobee. Right next door to her place is a Jewish bakery and a farmers market.

I had the Sicilian: grilled eggplant, baby spinach, roasted red peppers and fresha mozzarella! It was gigantic and delicious. And it's not on my diet, but I skipped breakfast :/ so...

He place is unexpectedly great for a small plaza deli. I loved it. Thank you Carmela. :)

Again sorry for pictures all being at top. My phone is strange.
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