Monday, May 16, 2011

Sushi Sake North Miami

EWent to Sushi Sake for the first time Sunday. It was good. They have the presentation thing down pretty well. We ordered fried squid, fried gyoza, cheese maki, spider roll and my roll which for the life of me I can't remember th name, but it had fried whitefish. The squid was most likely frozen but they bread it in panko ad fry it. The sauce we tasty. Gyoza were pretty good. I think all these places buy frozen ones and they all come from the same manufacturer. To me they all taste the same. The cheese maki was weird. I ordered it out of curiosity of how they come. It was a chunk of chedder cease wrapped in a wonton wrapped and fried. Simple but satisfying. I could make them at home though. Both rolls were good. Mine was very tasty and the fried whitefish had a texture of chicken. At times, I forgot that I was eating fish. David got spider rolls and it was good too. The best par of this place: free cotton candy at the end of your meal.
Worst part so far: canned soft drinks = no refills
Enough of this garbage here are the photos.

PS: sorry for typos, I'm using my phone.
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