Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some food updates

Ok here are some random food photos. The tower of cupcakes was donated by for the concert 4 paws benefit event for Paws 4 You. I would link it but I am doing this from my phone. They were amazing and they had some really neat flavors.

The cut out cookies, white iced mini cupcakes, and petit fours were made by yours truly, for my sisters baby shower. The take home gift was cut out cookies in a little baggie with handmade pipe cleaner chickies. You can hire me for your next party. :)

The blue iced cupcake with diving ducky was made by someone in Tampa for my best friends baby shower. I had to take a picture of it. It was adorable.

The Asian dish was a chicken dish from Tony Chan's Water Club at the doubletree I believe. :/ it was called lotus chicken and it was on top of a bird's nest. It was pretty good but the birds nest tasted a little stale :/.

The rest of the pictures are from Ceviche 105 in downtown Miami. Every dish was delicious. I can't tell you exactly what they were called bc I don't feel like searching the info but basically there was a sweet potato puree with 3 shrimp on top for appetizer. Then we had a mixed fried seafood platter, a fried rice with chicken and a flank steak with pesto pasta. Everything was delicious but I think it was a little over priced. Ok that is it. I will post more hopefully sooner than I have been.
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