Wednesday, October 13, 2010

L.C. Roti Shop and Western Indian

Mmmm...delicious. Ordered doubles and veggie roti. Never had this before but I left with a full belly and a smile on my face.

Since I am blogging from my phone I will have to edit later when I get home.

Ok so today is zilla day. And its my first official zilla day in a few weeks. I have been really sacking off on the blows lately. I came up to north Miami beach to pick up a car with the future ma in law. We always go eat something and since this place she has gone to for years is right next to the dealer, we went to eat there. It was good. Doubles are like little pancakes with chickpeas, veggies and sauce in the middle. You eat it with your hands and scoop up the beans with pieces of flatbread. A little spicy but gooood. Everything is made with traditional Indian spices, but L.C. Is from Trinidad. So her food is made in the style of street carts of Trinidad.

The roti comes with different meats, beef, chicken, goat, etc. I got veggie. Similar ingredients as the doubles except, more spices/spicier and with mashed potatoes. This is all then wrapped up into a present with the roti (unleavened bread). Sort of like a flatbread or like a giant tortilla, but way better. Full of flavor, spicy kick and L.C. Herself small talking with you at the counter.

Now this isn't your normal eatery. There is no A/C and there are only 3 tables in the restaurant. The other seating is at the bar/counter where you order. A huge shop fan situated at the entrance blows fairly warm air on you while you eat. I'm not complaining, just preparing you for your visit.

They also have a great assortment of island beverages like champagne kola and ginger beer. I would definitely eat there again. Reasonably priced, good portions, and delicious home cooking taste.

Located in a shopping plaza off N.W 2nd ave near Miami Gardens Dr.

Ok pictures!
I was defeated by the roti. Can't wait to eat my leftovers.
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  1. I wanted to add that the aftermath of this food is not the greatest. I guess it depends how strong your stomach is, but all these beans man...