Sunday, May 23, 2010

yakkosan, bitches!

Yakkosan may very well be my favorite place to eat in Miami. It is a place, almost hidden away in a side street of North Miami Beach. For those of us 'in the know' this quietly tucked away little Japanese restaurant holds the key to amazing adventures of the palate.
I love kinpira gobo, burdock root sauteed in oil with sesame. Order this in most sushi joints, and the waiters will look at you like you are crazy. The sushi, of course is amazing, but the real beauty of Yakkosan, is the grilling of fresh seafood behind the sushi bar. Yes, its a real sushi bar! There are different specials daily, each focusing on the delicious simplicity that makes Japanese food so special. There are octopus pancakes, eggplant dishes, tempura vegetables. Fresh and served by a friendly, knowledgeable staff, the food at Yakkosan proves again and again to be a journey into deliciousness! I I hope to try everything on the diverse menu, at least once...hopefully more!

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  1. I had a calpico at the Japanese market on Sunrise Blvd. It's sort of like lemonade, can't quite pinpoint it. But maybe like a flat fresca.